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  • Cloud Hosting Servers

    Cloud Hosting Servers

    Enter cloud-based hosting. The cloud represents huge infrastructure, huge investment, huge pipelines connecting gargantuan computing centers networked to the yin-yang, and millions of little virtual server cores that exist only in software; in the ones and zeros of code that define them.

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  • Is Your Business Prepared For Internet Advertising?

    online internet advertising

    You have to make it count, you know… Either you spent some time or you spent some money – maybe both – to put yourself and your business out there on the net with all kinds of fancy artwork and prose. So what, if you’re not actually ready for the attention, and you get it anyway. So what, if you don’t build the last span in that bridge to your little island of commerce.

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  • What Does Adobe Have In Store For 2011?


    Since its inception, Adobe has come up with game changers in all fields and across all platforms of personal computing. They’re about to do it again in 2011.

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  • Trajan Studio Website Is Now Ranked In The Top 2.5% Alexa Worldwide

    According to, the web information company that ranks web sites worldwide and in the United States, now ranks in the low 700,000s world wide, and in the low 100,000s in the United States. It is important to remember that there are many millions of web sites world wide and in the United States, and that the lower the number on Alexa, the higher the ranking is in terms of numbers of hits on a daily basis. That, my friends, is in the top 2.5 percentile!

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  • Social Marketing Twitter VS Facebook


    If you are a member of Facebook or Twitter, or both, and you have a business you want to promote, the thought of advertising on these social networks has no doubt crossed your mind. So you’re left to wonder on which network your particular business would do better.

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  • Is The New Apple iPad Worth It?

    apple-ipad It’s gorgeous, it’s sexy, It’s thin (you can never be too rich or too thin),
    but is it worth it? Well, let me answer that in a roundabout way:

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  • Websites Constructed with Drupal

    Take a look at some of the well designed websites while using open source Drupal.

    A Sampling of Websites Constructed with Drupal

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